Be ready, horror enthusiasts! "Skinamarink," a 2022 Canadian horror film is the first great film by the director Kyle Edward Ball. It's scary and hilarious all at once. Trust us, you're going to be in love with this one. The story revolves around two kids who wake up in the evening to find out that their dad is gone, and even worse, things in their… Read More

It's a good thing Leprechaun is bad. The plot, acting, and special effects are all absurd. Everything comes together to form a great film. Warwick Davis is fantastic as the leprechaun, while Jennifer Aniston excels in her feature film debut. Watch Leprechaun if you like campy horror films. Don't expect to feel scared; instead, expect to laugh.Accor… Read More

The Leprechaun must return to the Hood I think. Next time, with a bigger budget and better actors. The film was lacking either of these. The script was horrible and the acting was terrible, and the directing was, at best, amateurish. But, the film had moments. There were times when I laughed loudly despite its imperfections. The moments that made m… Read More